ALCHEMILLA saxatilis

Part shade
Reasonable soil
100% Peat Free
Pot Size


Alchemilla saxatilis

Height x Spread:  15cm x 30cm

This unusual alpine form of 'Lady's Mantle' is much prized for its combination of glossy finger-like foliage, each dark green leaf finely edged in silver, and contrasting lime-green flowers that appear in loose clusters from June into July.

Not only tidy, but better behaved than A. mollis, A. saxatilis is far less prone to self-seeding.  Small but tough, it has a lot in its favour.  None too fussy about soil - tolerating all but very heavy clay - it also prefers part shade, making it ideal for edging or a slowly spreading groundcover in a slightly shady informal border or alpine rockery.  As deer and rabbits dislike it too, it is one of those go-to plants for awkward spaces in the garden.