ANEMONE barbulata

Part shade
Reasonable soil
100% Peat Free
Pot Size


Anemone barbulata

Height x Spread:  50cm x 25cm

With its clouds of delicate single white flowers each with gentle blue reverse, dancing on multi-branched stems above deeply cut jagged green foliage, A. barbulata really draws the eye.

Hailing from China, we think that this newly introduced species is sure to become a future star of your woodland garden. Initially similar in looks to A. leveillei, its petals are actually more pointed and it produces smaller but many more blooms through spring.  It would look lovely planted in drifts or lining a path through a naturalistic or woodland garden, its tiny starry flowers shining out of the gloom.  It prefers a partially shaded to shady spot in a reasonably moist, good soil.