BAPTISIA australis 'Blueberry Sundae' (Decadence Series)

Well drained soil
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Baptisia australis 'Blueberry Sundae' (Decadence Series)

Height x Spread:  90cm x 75cm

Baptisia breeding continues apace with more cultivars being released every year. Introduced in 2012 'Blueberry Sundae' resembles in many ways one of its original parents Baptsia australis but the depth of colour of the individual flowers is more intense.  In early summer the first purplish-blue hooded flowers with a contrasting creamy-purple centre start to unfurl from the bottom of the fresh flower spike, the display reaching a crescendo in mid to late summer, a blueberry haze of lupin-like flowers over fresh blue-green foliage.

Perfect for adding eye-catching colour to any cottage garden or perennial border, once the flowers have faded it continues to provide interest into autumn with delicate seedpods.  Like other Baptisia it needs a sunny position and free draining soil to thrive.  For an elegant cool look mix it with Oenothera and Phlomis russelliana  or ramp up the colour with Erodium manescaveii and Lychnis coronaria 'Gardener's World'.