DIGITALIS ferruginea

Reasonable soil
RHS Award of Garden Merit
100% Peat Free
Pot Size


Digitalis ferruginea

Height x Spread: 120cm x 45cm

Commonly known as the 'Rusty Foxglove', this Digitalis produces erect spikes of tubular golden-brown flowers with rusty-red internal veins and thin narrow green leaves at the basal clump.

Naturally found in woods, clearings and scrub areas in the northern Mediterranean, D. ferruginea is a great plant for a shade to part shade border and a definite must for a woodland garden.  Its tall flower spikes contrast brilliantly with ferns and hostas and are absolute bee magnets.  It also claims to have some resistance to deer and rabbits.

This short-lived perennial which prefers humus-rich soil in the shade but can tolerate most soils except very dry or very wet and will even tolerate a sunny spot.

All parts are poisonous.