HYLOTELEPHIUM breweri x 'Glen Chantry'

Reasonable soil
100% Peat Free
Pot Size


Hylotelephium breweri x 'Glen Chantry'

Height x Spread: 50cm x 40cm

Clusters of reddish-pink flowers with dark red centres are held 'cauliflower-like' on fleshy flushed red stems over deeply serrated succulent pale greyish-green leaves. This 'stonecrop' emerges from the ground with very distinctive foliage. Highly toothed, oval leaves grow close to the stem looking almost feather-like, before opening up and flattening out with the flower buds.

We recommend growing it in groups at the front of a sunny border in dry to good soil, where it contrasts well with finer leaf and purple foliage plants. It flowers prolifically from summer into autumn, with the seedheads providing further winter interest if left on. It grows best in good soil in full sun.

Available for Mail Order from April - September