CLEMATIS Ninon ('Evipo052'PBR) (Boulevard Series)

Part shade
Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Clematis Ninon ('Evipo052'PBR) (Boulevard Series)

Height x Spread:  120cm x 120cm

Despite its compact size Clematis 'Ninon' punches high above its weight, producing large, elegant white flowers with dark red stamens from early summer through to autumn. 

Introduced in 2016, it has become popular for its prolific, long lasting display and versatility.  A go-to plant for any balcony or small terrace where space is limited and plants need to prove their worth, it will also quite happily cloak a low garden structure or the bare legs of a shrub rose.  Cutting back in early spring  to 15cm above ground level, plus a light prune of the faded first flush promotes flowering.  It prefers a free draining soil with some moisture in sun or partial shade,