BERGENIA 'Sakura' (Dragonfly Series)

Part shade
Fertile soil
Reasonable soil
Pollinator friendly
Pot Size


Bergenia 'Sakura' (Dragonfly Series)

Height & Spread 30cm x 25cm

This compact evergreen perennial has thick rounded, leathery leaves are deep green in summer and develop bronze and red tones in winter. The bright pink semi-double flowers are borne on short red stems over the foliage in spring. They are very useful for providing early food to pollinators. 

Easy to grow in moist but free draining soil in sun to shade, it will do best in humus rich soil, so mulching will be beneficial. Fully hardy in the UK unless it is exposed to excessive and prolonged Winter wet.  Remove spent flower stems at the base and any old and tatty leaves during the summer.

It spreads via rhizomes, and these can produce new plantlets at their tips which can be cut off and replanted in autumn. The new plants will flower the following year. Older clumps can be lifted in early spring and the rhizomes cut into sections (each with at least one leaf attached) and then replanted.

Ideal for city and courtyard plantings as well as cottage and informal gardens. Excellent for holding banks and slopes together as the plants love the gravity induced drainage.