MAIANTHEMUM paniculatum

Fertile soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 50cm x 50cm

Native to dense, high altitude forests in Central America, fragrant clusters of small, starry cream flowers are carried on the ends of arching stems with leathery, lance-shaped leaves, followed by creamy white fruits. Delicately scented, this plant is also a visual treat for a shady area of the garden.

Its naturalistic form looks wonderful planted in drifts through a woodland garden, its flowers shining out of the gloom, whilst its foliage adds texture and structure. It is also ideal for under-planting shrubs, providing colour whilst disguising bare stems.It grows best in a shaded to partially shaded site, in reasonably fertile, humus-rich, well drained, neutral to acidic soil that retains some moisture.


This plant features in - Rosy's planting plan for a Shady Border