VERONICA gentianoides 'Mountain Breeze'

Reasonable soil
100% Peat Free
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Veronica gentianoides 'Mountain Breeze'

Height x Spread: 35cm x 35cm

'Mountain Breeze' originally from the Caucasus Mountains is a charming form of Veronica kemulariae. It has been through an extensive development program with Walberton's Nursery who made selections to produce this beautiful low growing, long flowering form. 'Mountain Breeze' produces a mass of flower spikes, each covered in pale blue flowers , during late spring and early summer. Its evergreen lance-shaped foliage creates a carpet of green throughout the year. 

'Mountain Breeze' which was launched by Hardy's at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2016, can be used in a number of situations, it thrives in any reasonably good soil. Sunny to partially shady borders are preferred, it is perfect for the front of your beds and borders or as an edging to walkways. Cut the flowers back once they have finished to maintain the compact growth habit.