BRUNNERA macrophylla 'Emerald Mist' PBR

Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Brunnera macrophylla 'Emerald Mist'PBR (v)

Height x Spread; 45cm x 45cm

A super pretty mound forming herbaceous perennial with stunning heart shaped leaves splashed with silver towards the margins. Add to that small, lightly scented blue flowers which emerge before the majority of the foliage in spring. It provides an early source of pollen and nectar for our pollinators and a welcome sight early in the year when we all crave an injection of colour. This shade loving plant just gets better as the season progresses.

After the flowers have gone this plant provides a spectacular show of dramatic foliage that works well with other shade loving plants such as Hydrangeas, Anemones, Actaea's and Ferns. The silver makings, that speckle the outer margins of the leaves, reflect light creating an effect which helps this plant to stand out when planted in dappled shade and under large trees and shrubs.

Good for large, mixed containers as well as wildlife, informal and cottage style schemes. 

Unfussy about soil types, it is best planted in shadier spots as the foliage can scorch in full sun. Just make sure it has access to some moisture. A spring mulch of well-rotted organic matter is really helpful.