GERANIUM phaeum var. phaeum 'Samobor'

Reasonable soil
100% Peat Free
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 50cm x 50cm

Mounds of handsome divided green leaves boldly marked with purple blotches, topped off with sprays of petite, flat nodding maroon-black flowers with white centres. This hardy evergreen Geranium is widely admired for its bold leaves, which act as a useful foil for highlighting neighbouring plants in a shady area, but its flowers are also delightful.  

Quick to clump up, it makes attractive ground cover, suppressing weeds.  Cutting back old foliage and flowerstems will encourage new growth. It thrives in the shade or part shade, in any reasonable soil with some richness and drainage, but does not like to be overly damp. It can tolerate more sunny locations too.