EUPHORBIA characias 'Black Pearl'

Well drained soil
Pollinator friendly
Pot Size


Euphorbia characias 'Black Pearl'

 Height x Spread 80cm x 50cm

This is a compact, upright cultivar of Euphorbia characias. Sun loving and happiest in light free-draining soil, 'Black Pearl' was selected for its black centred, long lasting flowers with lime green bracts which appear from March to July.

To encourage new shoots, you can cut back faded heads in late Spring and early Summer, but with extreme caution as it has caustic sap. For this reason, it is not a good idea to plant any Euphorbia where young children play.

This is a fully hardy, clump forming perennial that is drought tolerant and can provide a hit of colour at almost any time of the year. Its upright form can also be used for adding structure and even formality if required.

Ideal for dry, gravelly wildlife gardens or sunny positions in urban, coastal, cottage and prairie style planting schemes. A super easy, low maintenance plant which can prove invaluable in our changing climate. Its attractiveness to bees is complimented by its unattractiveness to deer and rabbits.

Some plants that work well with it are Dahlia, Salvia, Veronica and Hylotelephium as well as sun loving grasses.

Harmful if eaten, the sap is an irritant to skin and eyes.