STACHYS byzantina

Well drained soil
Pot Size


Stachys byzantina

Height x Spread: 30cm x 60cm

'Lambs' Ears', as it is commonly known, produces soft velvety, silver-grey upright, sturdy stems with oval leaves and small pink, slightly insignificant, flowers from low lying dense rosettes.The whole plant is woolly. This is a very good plant for a sensory garden, due to its extremely tactile and inviting foliage, but it is tough and hard-working too.

Often used as ground cover, its dense, spreading rosettes suppressing weeds, it also makes a great, naturalistic choice for a gravel garden, where it will reseed and gently wander. Once established, it becomes drought tolerant. Capitalise on its silvery colour, by combining it with purples, blacks, blues and strong pinks. It grows best in full sun, in any light, very free draining soil.