TIARELLA 'Spring Symphony' PBR

Part shade
Fertile soil
RHS Award of Garden Merit
Pot Size


Tiarella 'Spring Symphony'PBR

Height x Spread: 20cm x 20cm

'Spring Symphony'  has deeply lobed, green maple-like leaves with dark markings. A firecracker of a flower spike opens from bottom to top producing tawny-pink to white, starry flowers from pink buds. Multiple flower spikes bloom during late spring.

Faded blooms should be removed to prolong flowering - preferably by pulling the whole flower spike out from the base. This Tiarella acts as a fabulous ground cover perennial especially in a shady situation. Woodland situations, underplanting roses or shrubs are all ideal uses for this plant which thrives in a humus-rich, moist soil but which will tolerate drier situations.